A few days with "The Surgeon" (AKA @kevingerald)

20130317-095832.jpgSitting in my hotel in Leeds, England for a few minutes this morning before we head to encourage the church called “Life Church”, in Bradford, Leeds & Belfast, with Pastor’s Steve & Charlotte Gambill. And I wanted to take a quick minute to show some love to my pastor – Kevin Gerald – who I’m on this trip over the pond with.

I titled this post “A few days with the Surgeon” because when I think of my pastor thats one of the first thoughts that comes to mind. A trained specialist who can cut through the mess to get to the heart of the matter. The procedures[Messages} he brings are an incredible partnership with God that elevates and restores life to the hearers. To do that takes a full-life dedicated to finding the most effectives ways to help people better apply God’s wisdom to their lives.

It’s an honor to be a part of his [medical] staff. (See what I did there? with the word medical? ha!) But for real, its an honor! If you haven’t yet followed him  on www.twitter.com/kevingerald do that for updates or check out his weekly messages at www.championscentre.com

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