As we step into this new season of ministry, I’m passionate and humbled to preach the word God’s put in  my heart for The Church! As we began taking this big step, we’ve heard often from people about how, impressed, surprised, or in awe of our willingness to step out of the comfortable to the unknown. Some have said, “wow, not sure I could make that bold of a move.” Yes this move requires trusting God in a deeper way, but I want to share with you why this “big step” really wasn’t that hard to take.


Sometimes, when we are newer to following God, we’re nervous that he’ll call us to do something crazy that we’re not ready for. While the calling of God always requires faith, God doesn’t usually call you to do an over the top “big thing” before he calls you to respond in obedience to a lot of little things.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. (Luke 16:10)

When you look at this move we’re making, it is big! We are moving our whole family far from what we’ve known for the past 13 years and now even further away from our relatives in Minnesota. Going from a steady and consistent income to earning my living off of speaking honorariums, resources, and donations, is a huge step. BUT!!! Why didn’t it seem that crazy in the moment? Why did I feel such ease in responding to and following the call? The answer is simple: this “big” move began a long time ago as a “small” decision to listen and obey God’s word.


I chose to yield to one voice; Gods voice. I’ve built a life on listening to and then following his word. Most of the time, that isn’t a massive thing: often it’s a simple adjustment or tweak to life. But the fundamental practice of responding to the small things, sets me up to more easily respond the big things.

The most logical thing we can do is trust God. — Erik Van Alstine

A huge part of this journey is learning to trust God’s way over your own; believing that he’s got your best interests in mind. The God we serve is patient enough to allow us to grow in our faith and ability to respond. As we develop that muscle of trust and obedience, he’ll give us more and call us into greater adventures.

imageWhen I was about 16, I was in a time of prayer, and I felt the Holy Spirit speak something to me that still speaks to me today, he said, “Samuel, I love you no matter what, but, if you give me everything, I’ll use you more than you could ever imagine.” That statement, calling, and promise from God still rings in my ears to this day. And it’s the one of the primary driving forces of my life, to fully give God every part of my life. But, that has been a process, and for sure, I haven’t always done it right, I’ve often withheld parts of me that God wanted me to surrender, I haven’t always obeyed quickly when he’s called. But, as I’ve continue to follow him in the seemingly small steps, I find myself being able to easily take the big steps.

When you’re younger you look at someone doing something “great” and think, “Some day I’m going to do something big for God too.” The irony is that, anything in my lifetime that I’ve done that has been big, rarely felt big at the time. Why? Because, you arrive at big by being faithful with small; so often big just feels like the normal and natural next step.

You arrive at big, by being faithful with small.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP: This isn’t rocket science, just begin by reading the Bible, and then putting it into practice. Don’t question God’s way, simply adjust your life and follow the word of God. Then, when God speaks to you through the Holy Spirit, about a big move, change, or step of faith… You’ll be ready to do it!!


If you didn’t get a chance to read my previous blog about “THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOUR STEP OF FAITH,” I’d highly recommend it, because we too often delay our response to God’s call when we lack details, but all we really need to know is… “Is it Jesus calling?”



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