The Includers

“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. —Luke 14:23 As we’re heading into Easter weekend, [...]


Is God able to use your life?

If you’re a follower of Jesus, chances are high that you have a desire for God to use your life to make an eternal impact. But the truth is that many aren’t being used by God to do [...]



Jesus calls all of his disciples to live beyond personal convenience to fulfill the great commission. It’s rightly labeled great because it’s no small task, Jesus calls us to reach and disciple [...]


The Convenient  Gospel

If an individual is going to walk in the fullness of the good news of the gospel, they must be confronted with the full force of it’s truth. But, as pastors and church leaders we often [...]


THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE CHURCH | Encouragement For Pastors

As a pastor for the last decade plus I am passionate about seeing the Church grow and take ground on earth; like you, I’m praying for God to give us the cities that he’s placed us in. [...]


The Two Main Drivers of Church Growth

Boxcars on a train may look good, they may even be spacious and functional, but without the engine they are useless. If what drives the train is inactive or disconnected, that cargo isn’t [...]


Just a Story Away

You know that neighbor in your community that you can tell is going through a tough time? They’re just a story away from a different life. You know that co-worker that is suffering from [...]


7 Steps to Sharing Your Faith and Leading People to Jesus

People desperately need Jesus — how amazing is it that God loved us so much that he couldn’t leave us in our sin-separated state — He sent Jesus to rescue and ransom us from sin; and give [...]


The Summons of God | his purpose; my part

I’m sure you’ve heard it said or even said it yourself that, “God has a plan.” But I wonder if you realize that God has some specific roles and purposes he’d like you to carry out as a part [...]


CHURCH: Come Inside & See or Go Outside & Tell?

If the only way for people to see what God is doing in our local church is to come inside; something is wrong. I saw a church sign the other day that disturbed me. It said, “Come in and see [...]

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