Finding the Wilderness OFF-RAMP

Often times we can find ourselves in a wilderness. For this blog we’ll define the wilderness not just as a place of being spiritually dry but more a place of frustration because you feel yourself going around and around  or it feels like you’ve been on this same stretch of the highway for miles & miles but you cant find your exit onto the next level or greater phase of your life.

If your like me at all, this can be a very frustrating place to be but a main key to finding the OFF-RAMP is drawn from Pastor Kevin Gerald’s book “The Proving Ground”. He talks about 9 tests that prove your personal potential and one of those tests is the Wilderness test. This Tests asks a simple but powerful question…


Many times we want the progress but we are unwilling to make the changes to get us there. A simple honest evaluation of our lives in any area would reveal new decisions or habits that we know that if we made them it would improve our relationships or our health or our walk with God.

I want to encourage you to take the time today to evaluate an area of you’re life that your frustrated with…(just pick one area) and ask God to show you what ONE THING you could change to see progress begin to happen. Don’t get bogged down with feeling the need to change TEN things, just begin today with that one thing.  You’ll be surprised how God will bring progress… Then just repeat the above process.

Praying for wisdom and clarity for you to see the changes that need to be made and the strength and discipline to simply DO IT!

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