Grace is for Sharing : [Why we invite people to Church on Easter]

With Easter weekend coming in just a couple days all of us who are Christians are excited and reflective on the Grace of God that was extended towards us through Jesus; and we should be.

But I want to draw your attention to a verse in Luke 8 quickly to remind us of something else thats’s also very important during this season.

 “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. (Luke 8:16 NIV)

If God has gotten his grace to you its also His design to get it through you to others. Many times I’ve heard people say “My faith is personal” or “I like to be private with my faith”. But I want to challenge and encourage you to resist those selfish and average thoughts because they will the suck the life out of you and rob others the opportunity to experience the grace of God.

God wants to remind you of His grace and love during this Easter season, but He also wants to work with us to extend and shine that light to those around us. God’s love wasn’t designed to be kept to ourselves. Your light wasn’t designed to be hidden.


Yesterday my wife and I and our two girls were at the mall and we stopped to play in the kids play area. If you’ve ever been to a play are in a mall its a bunch of parents standing and watching as a ton of energy-charged  kids chaotically run around nearly running each-other over as they climb and slide on everything. So in the middle of that we begin to talk with couple sitting next to us. We have a fun conversation about life and then we are about to head out. And at that moment I’m having that battle that many of us have faced, do I say something about God, Do I invite them to Church? Do I share the grace? Do I say something about Easter?  Thankfully we went ahead and invited them to Champions Centre for Easter. They had heard of our church and had been trying to find a church to go to together. They were excited, even way more excited about the invite than we anticipated. That little nudge was what they needed to commit. They’ll be there with their family on Saturday!

Whatever church you are connected to around the world, lets increase our praying and inviting these next couple days. Lets share the Grace with others, that has so generously been extended to us.

If you’re a part of the Champions Centre family or are looking for a church to attend this Easter here are some details:

  • For more info on Easter Service Locations & Times:
  • More info on Easter Egg Hunts:
  • Video Commercial for Easter at Champions Centre:

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    I was privileged to shoot the Passion Play at my church… As a “churched kid” all my life, I expected to be moved by the account, but the thing that stood out to me the most was Peter’s realization after Christ’s resurrection. He was forgiven and set free. Thank you for this post! Check out my Passion Play photos at:

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