imageHave you ever wondered if God was hiding His plan from you or questioned why God doesn’t give us more details about our future? We know that in Jeremiah 29:11 it says that He has a good plan for us, but if it’s good and He already knows what it is than why doesn’t he just save us all the trouble and give us the specifics so we can all move on?! Ha!  I know I’ve felt like that more than once! But there are a few verses that perfectly explain why He doesn’t do that for us.

From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ (Acts 17:26-28 NIV)

These verse are so incredible and show us the incredible love of God towards us and give us a key concept to live by. We see that God created everything and planned it all out in advance so that we would seek him. He designed our lives to be intricately connected to Him. He didn’t want to settle with the concept of just creating us and giving us the road map with all the instructions and sending us on our way never to connect again. But rather He gives us just the next step in the right direction. He doesn’t give us more than we can handle. This keeps us walking closer with Him. And let’s be honest, if we knew everything head of time, we’d mess it up anyway or quit! ha! But instead, God walks with us, day by day through every season. The other key that is brought to light in these verses is this:

Direction follows connection.

Reach out to God, ask Him to show you His plan for your life but first, take time to just be in His presence. There is often too much focus on where we’re going, than who we’re walking with. Who we are connected to will dramatically impact the direction my life heads. If we don’t stay connected to God our direction will get off focus and off course. Right relationship is always more important than right direction. Actually, if you look at your life now and find it’s off course or missing something, don’t ask, “Where or what am I doing?” First ask, “How’s my connection to Jesus?” True life and fulfillment comes from our connection to the Father. The greater my connection to God the more clear my life and my calling become. Today if you find yourself feeling distant from God, remember what the verse above said, “He is not far from any of us.” Reach out to God today, He loves you and wants to walk with you. And as you walk with him, you can be confident that no matter what the next step in your purpose is – You are more than able to do it!

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