My Prayer For America

On this 4th of July, we celebrate the great nation called America! What a powerful nation, what a great blessing this nation has been over the years of its existence to those near and far. The favor and grace on this nation has not been a surprise or an accident, it’s a direct result that this nation was driven by a desire to worship God freely and it’s laws were built on the enduring truth of God’s word. God always blesses his word.

While there are many reasons to slip into despair about the direction of our country, I am hopeful for the future of America. My hope is not because of its current political leaders but because of the Church. The Spirit empowered Church is the only force capable of restoring America to the foundations that made it great. The strength of the church and it’s young emerging leaders is more exciting than ever!

So, today, let’s party, let’s celebrate, let’s light off a lot of fireworks, let’s honor those who’ve fought to protect this great nation, but first, let’s pray.

God, creator and sustainer of everything,
we come to you in thankfulness for the
incredible grace and favor that you’ve
shown our nation.
Only you can lift up a nation like you have,
only you can keep it safe like you have,
but only you can sustain it.
Father, we repent of the sin of this nation,
we repent for making In God We Trust
a slogan but not a lifestyle.
We ask that you forgive us, and continue
to bless America. Let our leaders and
all citizens remember your love and
return to your word.
Keep our boarders safe, but let the
generosity of this nation continue
far beyond our boarders.
God raise up Godly men and women
to lead our country, leaders of
true character and vision.
Finally, we pray for your Church, your
glorious and faithful Church to not
shrink back but to step up in this hour
and continue to point people to
hope in Jesus.

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