People need to hear that it's possible.

My littlest daughter Kenzie is almost 2 years old and is always a party waiting to happen! While she’s got this crazy adventurous side to her she developed a habit of saying “I can’t”.

She’ll be getting down off our kitchen chair and she’ll get half-way and then say, “help!”, then we’ll say to her, you get down, then she’ll say “I can’t”. initially I would at that point just grab her and help her down, but eventually I could tell that she could easily do it. So when she would say “I can’t”, I just started saying – “Kenzie, Yes you can, you can do it!”.  As soon as we tell her she can do it, it’s like it gives her enough confidence to try and then of course she easily and safely gets down from the chair.

I think most of us and others are like my little daughter. We just need to hear someone say, “You can do it!”. And I believe there is a generation out there that simple needs the previous generation to believe in them. Lets let those around us hear often from us the simple encouragement that they can do it.

I think we’ll all be amazed at what people can do when we give them permission to do so.

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