Peter Disowned Jesus for his own personal comfort… Have you? (Read before you answer)

In Matthew 26 a very serious betrayal happens towards Jesus from his 12 disciples. But specifically plays out in dramatic fashion with Peter. Not many hours before the big denial, Peter proclaims loudly, ‘I would never deny you!”. But Jesus says actually you will deny me 3 times Peter!

Thats exactly what plays out that night as Judas betrays Jesus and the guards arrest Jesus. There is a lot of chaos, fear and uncertainty. When questioned about Peter’s association with Jesus, he denies knowing Jesus. When Peter realizes that he actually denied his savior it says he wept bitterly.

As I was reading that this morning, I paused to reflect and pray over what I read. (which is my habit) Because before I act shocked and judge anyone  who would deny Jesus, i thought I would reflect to ask myself the question, “Have I ever disowned or denied knowing Jesus?”

The answer was Yes for me. I’m sure its yes for you. Maybe some reading this have had a specific moment where you publicly denied Jesus for some reason, but for most of us thats not the case. Its been a more subtle denial. To better evaluate whether we’ve denied Jesus lets ask ourselves the same question but in a different way and see what your answer is.

Have you ever denied the truth of God’s word for your own personal comfort?

When we reject or disobey the truth of Gods word we disown Jesus. When we attempt to value our own comfort over truth, we have disowned Jesus. Jesus and the word of God are one and the same. So if we disobey the word of God you deny the truth and by default we deny Jesus.

Peter’s response to his denial should be our response as well. He wept bitterly. He repented. The great news is that later after Jesus’ death and resurrection, Jesus restores and reaffirms his love for Peter and the plan of God for his life. Thats good news for all of us Jesus-deniers.

Lets commit to loudly proclaim and affirm our relationship to Jesus on a daily basis. The most common daily way to do this is with our actions. My prayer this morning is that God would give you and I the strength to live out the truth of Gods word in every area of our lives. To confidently follow Jesus in all we say and do.

“They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him” – Titus 1:16

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