Pinterest Leadership: How Setting a great table changes the game.

Setting The Table. Snapshot from Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 | Katie chose the powerful simplicity of Black, Gold & White.

If you’ve ever planned a dinner party, formal meal or holiday feast, chances are that in this era you have consulted Pinterest on how to create an incredible experience and set a great table.

The way you set the table changes the expectation & outcome of those who take a seat.

Some of you love Pinterest and love setting the table & creating great experiences, while others are only reading because I used the words Leadership & Game in the title. Either way we need to realize that how we set the table is important. Consider this, when you come to a meal and you see paper plates it sets a certain expectation, when the fine china is out it sets totally different expectation for those about to eat the meal. I want to talk about how important setting the table is and how it massively affects your life, relationships, and leadership.

Let’s define what we mean by Setting the Table:

  • Our attitudes set the table and create an experience
  • Our conversations set the table
  • Our table manners, as in how treat the other at the table
  • How fast we eat sets a tone. Are we enjoying the meal or rushed?
  • Where we sit at the table makes a difference
  • Our concern for the others at the table

Pictured in this post are a couple pics from how my wife, Katie, set the table for Thanksgiving this year. While sometimes a casual dinner on the couch in the “comfy’s” is nice and relaxing, I found this to be true that the way you set the table changes the expectation & outcome of those who take a seat. I want to encourage all of us to rethink and consider elevating the way we set the table.

Setting The Table. Snapshot from Thanksgiving 2013

Table Runner Tip: Katie used a decorative wrapping paper.

When you elevate the way you set the table you will…

  • Elevate the conversations that happen at the table
  • Elevate the kind of people who join you at the table
  • Elevate experience at the table
  • Elevate the value of the time at the table
  • Elevate the enjoyment of whats being served
  • Elevate the impact on the world once everyone leaves the table.

If you are wanting deeper friendships, you may want o consider elevating the way you set the table in your life. If you want to attract higher level leaders and team members to your staff and team than you may need to take the atmosphere and experience of your team to the next level.

The questions that I’ll be asking myself and I encourage you to ask as we wrap up 2013 and head into 2014. Do people enjoy being at the table with me? In my home and in my leadership life am I setting the kind of atmosphere where people are valued and ideas are fostered and input is invited? How can I elevate the way I set the table in my home and at work?

I want to see 2014 be next-level for you! Lets take a lesson from Pinterest and elevate our table-setting game!

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