• We love having Samuel and Katie a part of the C3 Church family! For over a decade now he’s been passionately serving and encouraging the church locally and globally. He’s got a word for the body of Christ and I know that he’d impart something great into your Church and or staff!

    Jurgen Matthesius
    Jurgen Matthesius C3 Church | Lead Pastor
  • I have known Samuel for many years now and since the first time we met I have been so inspired by his passion for The Church, his love for Jesus and his desire to serve people. Samuel is truly a gift to The Body of Christ and I know he will be a blessing to your church. From teaching preaching and leadership development Samuel can help take your church to new levels.

    Jabin Chavez
    Jabin Chavez Free Chapel | Worship & Preaching
  • Samuel has ministered for us in a variety of settings, but recently did one of our Awakening nights. He was fantastic as he skillfully led us to encounter the Holy Spirit. All of the power and reward but none of the wackiness. Every Church could benefit from that ministry skill.

    Jason Bentley
    Jason Bentley HighPoint Church : Lead Pastor
  • Samuel is a genuine leader. He speaks with a sincere heart. His desire for people to experience the nearness of God and be close to him is a desired reality for all to have. He blessed our youth and young adults.

    Chris Cheema
    Chris Cheema New Horizon Church | Youth Pastor
  • Samuel has been a great influence, and encouragement to LC Youth leadership and students. He has been a true gift to the Pacific Northwest. He is one of the best connectors of people and coaches of youth pastors that I have ever met. His wisdom and desire to build the church has gotten me through one of the toughest seasons in ministry. The youth and I are super grateful and excited to see him continue to build the church and inspire people everywhere.

    Chris Cheema
    Chris Cheema Life Center | Youth Pastor