Who do you consult with first? God or Humans?

I’m Getting in the book of Galatians this morning… and got held up on Galatians 1:16 -where Paul says:

“my immediate response was not to consult a human being”.

Having a Counselor is good and the bible hugely endorses getting counsel and input on the plans that we make. But whats our first response? Whats the “immediate” response when a situation arises?? Is it to go to human knowledge and understanding or endorsement? or to seek and look to God?

This isn’t a case where we need to choose one or the other, but its just which do you do first? When your sick, do you reach for God or the medicine cabinet first? When you need financial advice do you seek God or your financial advisor first? If you lose your job will your first call be to check on your unemployment income or to call out to God? If you have a relationship fall apart on you leaving you emotionally devastated will you reach out to God or others to fill that void? When it comes to a post high school or post college career decision, who do you go to first for your future, God or mom?

So who do you consult first? Whatever our tendency has been in the past lets begin to choose to “Consult God First!”

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