We are just a few weeks into our move to San Diego and the beginning of a new ministry season; God has already been doing more than I imagined. One of the great things about following Jesus is that he knows what we need more than we do and will bring us where he needs us to develop us and shape us. We know that God wants to do a lot Through Us, but he’s been doing more In Us, and it’s been so good.

I wanted to update you on a few of the exciting projects and ministry emphasis that we are focusing on right now.

  • Writing our first book:
    We’re finishing a book called, “Following Jesus”. This book will be helpful for new believers in their walk with Jesus, and for those already saved to help disciple their friends. I am so stoked about this project! Our hope is that it can also be a gift that churches give to those who get saved at their services as a next steps guide.
  • Launching “Preaching Forward”
    We’re starting a new Preaching Coaching initiative called, “Preaching Forward.” The preaching of the Gospel is so essential, and often young preachers don’t have necessary coaching; this program will allow us to coach them online from a distance.
  • Preaching, Ministry, and Church Leadership Coaching:
    As we wrap up 2015, we’re praying and planning for this next year of travel and ministry. Excited for the cities and countries that God is sending us to in 2016!


As with any new work that God is establishing, it takes passionate and faithful people to lay the ground work in prayer! Prayer is essential to seeing the above projects and more come to pass! God has placed on my heart some specific messages to preach and books to write that we believe the local and global Church need right now — all of it will take prayer to establish.

Also, some of our friends have generously partnered in this work financially, and we wanted to extend that opportunity to you as well. No pressure, but if you feel the Lord leading you to give, it will go a long way in seeing the projects above and more come to pass.

  • Any giving you do to this ministry should be above and beyond your tithing to your home church. Click here to go to make a one time or monthly [Donation]

Thank you all so much for your support in prayer during this season! God is up to something on the planet, and God’s people, His Church, are at the forefront of that plan! Together we’re going to see the local and global Church healthier, empowered, and equipped to be the force on earth that Jesus intended it to be!

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