"Leaders Think" Via Pastor Kevin Gerald

Wanted to share a quick three points that Pastor Kevin just shared at a leadership session with pastors in Boise, Idaho. He’s sharing on thinking like a leader and leading change. Here are [...]


Are You Seeking the approval of God or People?

Seeking the approval of people is a road that leads to pain, brokenness, and insecurity. The approval of people is a deceptive and illusive pursuit that always leaves us wanting more. If you are [...]


Crush the Complexity of Cowardice

Great blog on a culture of Simplicity by Dan Rockwell… aka Leadership Freak


We will remember…

We will remember by charging courageously into the future! #911 #America #InGodWeTrust #GodblessAmerica


Parenting | If your kids thinking isn't healthy, they won't be healthy

I was reminded of the importance of leading and disciplining our children as I was reading Proverbs 22:15 this morning. This verse talks about how discipline will keep folly or foolishness away [...]


Stop asking & Start asking…

Its less about asking how much you’re working and more about asking if what you’re doing is actually WORKING.


Question of the Day:

Are you maintaining or increasing what you’ve been given?


People need to hear that it's possible.

My littlest daughter Kenzie is almost 2 years old and is always a party waiting to happen! While she’s got this crazy adventurous side to her she developed a habit of saying “I [...]