2016 Charity Spotlight

As we close out the year, many of us are stirred to dig deep and give towards organizations that are making a difference. First off, I encourage all charitable giving to be beyond the 10% tithe that goes to the local work of ministry through your church. But, beyond your local church, here are a few of my favorite charitable organizations to give and invest into this season.


I begin with the Bible app. This by far is the most important charity to donate to on the planet today outside of the church because it is supplying the word of God for free in a way that is so needed, and never seen before. Where ever the word of God goes, light, growth, health, and much more will follow. If you want to see the world improve, help the word of God get to more people. [GIVE NOW]



I am constantly thankful for and impressed by the commitment that World Vision has to not only meet an immediate need, but the help a community answer the larger and more long-term sustainability needs of a community. World Vision is also a child-first type of charity that is focused on meeting the needs of children around the world. They also do a lot with world disaster relief. [GIVE NOW]




I’m passionate about ending the legalization of abortion. Abortion is the greatest massacre of people in history. It’s also a very controversial topic that is met with massive amounts of resistance. One of the great organizations that are serving this epidemic is Save The Storks. They provide free ultrasounds to woman considering abortion, and then help them walk out the choice to keep their babies. 4 out of 5 woman who step into a Save The Stork bus choose to keep their child. And many are led to Jesus. [GIVE NOW]



Human trafficking is an unbelievable evil that plagues our world, and often feels too big to take on, which is why I’m so thankful A21 is helping us do what we can to reach and rescue woman and men around the world who are imprisoned. During my book launch I did an interview with some of the LA office team. (Watch) & [GIVE NOW]



I’m so thankful for my friends at the Dream Center in LA and the work they are inspiring all over the world. The Dream Center feeds thousands a day, provides care, housing, rescue, education and much more to the community of LA. I could not endorse this ministry more. [GIVE NOW] I also did an interview with Pastor Matthew Barnett during my book launch, take a look: (Watch)




I love the work that my friends are doing through generosity water. We so easily take for granted the need for clean drinking water. Through direct donations or through the purchase of the bottles of generosity water, you’re able to directly target different regions of the world that are in a water crisis. They also have a powerful and unique way of tracking the donations so that you can see exactly where your money is being put to use to impact the water crisis. [GIVE NOW]

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