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As a preacher, you’re called to be a steady blazing fire that guides people towards to the Gospel, but sadly many are more of a momentary flash in the night sky that impresses for a moment, but does very little as far as leading people to Jesus. Why is that? It’s not for lack of desire by the preacher, or lack of heart from the preacher, but, it can be linked to a lack of Character in the life of the preacher.

While we as preachers are not the message, it’s our lives that carry the message. Our ability to last in our ministry calling has very little to do with our gift and skill as a preacher and communicator and so much to do with the character and integrity of our lives.

In chapter 10 of my book, Preaching Forward, I share 7 Character Tests that every preacher must pass, in this post I want to highlight those because it’s essential that we deepen and strengthen our character if we’re going to fulfill our calling to ministry and to preaching the Gospel. To read the full content on this topic of character and dive into the other topics of calling and the craft of preaching and teaching, get a copy of the Preaching Forward book and take the preaching essentials e-course.

7 Character Tests Every Preacher Must Pass: (Excerpts)

Obedience Test
Will you be willing to follow fully the call of God on your life? If you’ve been running from the call or a specific part of your calling, stop right now, and reaffirm your commitment to obey His leading.

Agenda Test
Whose kingdom are you building? He’ll test to find out if this is just about building your name? Or if it’s about advancing His kingdom?

People Test
Will you serve and love people or will you use and abuse them? Jesus put loving people at the forefront of stepping into the call of ministry.

Congruency Test
Is my life in alignment with my message? In a world where we often separate our public from our private world, this is a high priority for those who preach the gospel.

Courage Test
Am I willing to preach the truth when it’s not popular and extend grace when it’s undeserved? Both take courage and be are essential.

Stewardship Test
Am developing and multiplying the gift that I’ve been given? Shaping and developing your craft as a communicator is key.

First Love Test
If we lose our first love then we’ll lose our way in ministry. This test helps us determine if I love my gift more than my savior?


To read the full copy on the 7 Character tests, grab a copy of the Preaching Forward book in paperback or kindle.

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