4 Reasons Churches Stall & One Simple Principle That Can Accelerate Church Growth!

Over the past 10+ years of training and coaching pastors and church leaders, there’s one common barrier that I’ve seen limit growth and impact—that barrier is when a leader doesn’t [...]


3 Essentials to creating a discipleship Culture in Your Church

I’ve given my life to building and strengthening the church locally in my zip code and globally—and one of the key things all churches are focused on doing is strengthening their process of [...]


Creating a Discipleship Culture In Your Church

As pastors and ministry leaders we’ve been given the mandate from Jesus to go reach and make disciples! In this last era of the church God has stirred up fresh strategy and wisdom to excel [...]


The Power Of Serving | Danah’s Story | Following Jesus Book

Let me tell you a story!! After writing the Following Jesus book, our heart was to translate it to as many languages as we could, beginning with Spanish. I asked Pastor Jurgen, if he had any [...]



Jesus calls all of his disciples to live beyond personal convenience to fulfill the great commission. It’s rightly labeled great because it’s no small task, Jesus calls us to reach and disciple [...]



Before we say goodbye to 2016, I wanted to reflect quickly on THE BEST OF 2016. These are the posts that mattered the most to you! We’re believing that next year is going to be incredible, [...]


The Convenient  Gospel

If an individual is going to walk in the fullness of the good news of the gospel, they must be confronted with the full force of it’s truth. But, as pastors and church leaders we often [...]


HOW DO YOU SEE THE CROWD? | For Church Leaders

One of the most common things that trips up a genuine church leader is the crowd. It’s not what the crowd does, but how we as Church Leaders [apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and [...]


Mission Drift | A Reminder For Pastors

Pastors, Recently the Holy Spirit highlighted the challenge of Mission Drift in local churches. Mission Drift is when we lose sight of the cause that drives us; the why behind the what. This can [...]


THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE CHURCH | Encouragement For Pastors

As a pastor for the last decade plus I am passionate about seeing the Church grow and take ground on earth; like you, I’m praying for God to give us the cities that he’s placed us in. [...]

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