3 Essentials to creating a discipleship Culture in Your Church

I’ve given my life to building and strengthening the church locally in my zip code and globally—and one of the key things all churches are focused on doing is strengthening their process of [...]


Creating a Discipleship Culture In Your Church

As pastors and ministry leaders we’ve been given the mandate from Jesus to go reach and make disciples! In this last era of the church God has stirred up fresh strategy and wisdom to excel [...]



Before we say goodbye to 2016, I wanted to reflect quickly on THE BEST OF 2016. These are the posts that mattered the most to you! We’re believing that next year is going to be incredible, [...]


Disagreement isn’t hate

I have several friends that I agree with on most issues, but around this election it has become clear that there are several points that we strongly disagree…. but the crazy thing is, [...]



I write this post as one who is in progress like the rest of you, but I am compelled by God’s word this morning to remind you that we are responsible to make room for those who are hurting. [...]


Will the real Pastors please stand up!?

I want to challenge and encourage those currently leading God’s people as pastors or “shepherds”. And I also want to call out those men and women who are sitting on the [...]


Are you Worshiping The Lord or serving the gods of our culture?

In my devotional time a few days ago I came across a powerful verse that spoke to that generation of God followers and I believe speaks to us today. Read this… They worshiped the Lord, but [...]


CHURCH: Come Inside & See or Go Outside & Tell?

If the only way for people to see what God is doing in our local church is to come inside; something is wrong. I saw a church sign the other day that disturbed me. It said, “Come in and see [...]


Church Staff Sabotage – Leadership Session from Pastor Kevin Gerald

We had a great leadership session today at our weekly Champions Centre staff meeting that I wanted to pass along to you. Pastor Kevin brilliantly hit on a topic he calls, “Staff [...]


Less Rules, More Jesus.

I was reading Acts 15 today where the apostles are trying to decided what rules they will place on new Christians and the Holy Spirit illuminated verse 19 to me, take a look. “It is my judgment, [...]

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