God’s Not Distant In Your Desert!

In my Bible reading this morning, I was right in the story of God leading His people out of Egypt. I was “for sure” frustrated with how much they kept grumbling to Moses and God about there [...]


4 Keys To Read, Study & Apply The Bible That Will Transformation Your Life!

I absolutely love reading the Bible! If you’re reading this, then you might feel the same way, or maybe you secretly don’t enjoy reading the Bible but you feel guilty about that and [...]


A Future Full of Hope!… because of the cross

Just waking up after an incredible time of celebrating what Jesus did on the cross with my C3 Church family! Last night we reflected on the death of Jesus and the power that was released on [...]


He Is With You! A Reminder this Christmas! (Free Devotional)

We have a world looking for the Joy to the World and the Peace on Earth that our carols and holiday parties highlight but many never quite seems to be able to find that rest the soul truly needs. [...]


Learning To Hear The Voice Of God | Following Jesus Blog Series

One of the most important questions—and often the most common—is, “How do I hear God when He talks?” One of my favorite scriptures that give us a clue how to do this is found in 1 [...]


Are you sick of failure? Here’s 2 Quick things that will set you up to win in life!

Isn’t it frustrating when you feel like things just aren’t going your way? Or have you ever thought, what do I need to do to begin to turn things around from failure to success. And [...]


How to break free from the spirit of heaviness!

Often times in life we can find ourselves under what feels like a heavy-weight from— loss, failure, sin, tragedy, missed dreams, life pressures, and more. First, I want to encourage you that [...]


Constant Use

We live in an era right now where good and evil don’t always seems to be clear or obvious; how do we decide what’s right and wrong with so many different opinions flying around out there and many [...]


Don’t forget to remember.

Let’s talk about Remembering and forgetting. You ever notice how we often seem to hold onto the things we really should forget and forget the things that we should remember? Well, the truth [...]



Before we say goodbye to 2016, I wanted to reflect quickly on THE BEST OF 2016. These are the posts that mattered the most to you! We’re believing that next year is going to be incredible, [...]