7 Key Biblical Themes To Teach Your Kids! // How To Disciple Your Kids : Part 1

I love my kids and of all the things that my wife Katie and I hope for them and want for their future, I want them to know Jesus personally and to live out the Bible in their daily lives. As [...]


Merry Christmas from the Deuth Family!

We love Christmas! This season is such a great time to pause and reflect with thankfulness on everything that God has done for us! We’re so thankful for the wonderful mercy of God brought [...]

Announcing: Exciting Ministry Update — San Diego, here we come!

We’re excited to share with you about a new season of ministry that God is leading our family into! At about age 13, I began to sense the call into ministry; the wonderful call from Jesus to [...]


Believing for Life in the face of death

A couple days ago, we celebrated the life of my three year old niece, Anna. A week ago she took her last breath on earth and first breath in heaven. She is now enjoying the fullest life that [...]


Pinterest Leadership: How Setting a great table changes the game.

If you’ve ever planned a dinner party, formal meal or holiday feast, chances are that in this era you have consulted Pinterest on how to create an incredible experience and set a great [...]


Parenting: Is Discipline Necessary?

Proverbs 29 gives some encouragement and warnings about Discipline. Maybe some of you grew up with no discipline and some grew up with unhealthy discipline known as abuse. But in either [...]


10 Years; Same Woman… How did we make it and how are we still in love?

October 18, 2013 marks the 10 Year Wedding Anniversary for Katie & I. I know we don’t look old enough to be married that long but its true! ha! As I write this I’m taking a moment [...]


Parenting | If your kids thinking isn't healthy, they won't be healthy

I was reminded of the importance of leading and disciplining our children as I was reading Proverbs 22:15 this morning. This verse talks about how discipline will keep folly or foolishness away [...]


People need to hear that it's possible.

My littlest daughter Kenzie is almost 2 years old and is always a party waiting to happen! While she’s got this crazy adventurous side to her she developed a habit of saying “I [...]


9 Reasons Why I Love Her! (Happy Anniversary Babe!)

Katie, Here’s to 9 Years! Wrote a little something to you and about you… Today is my anniversary… the anniversary of tying the knot with the lovely Katie Deuth (formerly known [...]

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