The Religion Lie

One of the biggest lies of the enemy is wrapped up within the cloak of religion, so it appears just true enough for us to believe it. The lie is is exposed and so is the truth in this passage we [...]


A Future Full of Hope!… because of the cross

Just waking up after an incredible time of celebrating what Jesus did on the cross with my C3 Church family! Last night we reflected on the death of Jesus and the power that was released on [...]


2016 Charity Spotlight

As we close out the year, many of us are stirred to dig deep and give towards organizations that are making a difference. First off, I encourage all charitable giving to be beyond the 10% tithe [...]



Most of us need or want to live with great confidence, energy, strength. Not just in a physical sense, but we desire to have more energy to live the full life we know that God has called us to. [...]


Believing for Life in the face of death

A couple days ago, we celebrated the life of my three year old niece, Anna. A week ago she took her last breath on earth and first breath in heaven. She is now enjoying the fullest life that [...]