How To Create Online Community & Discipleship Without A Huge Budget & Large Staff!

Pastors!! I hope this article and resource can help you Make Disciples Online without the pressure of trying to start something from scratch, buy something expensive or hire more staff to manage! [...]


GROWTH > RETENTION | For Church Leaders

Growth is one of the main keys to retention. While retention helps to sustain growth, you’ll actually find that as you grow the people that God sends you, you’ll see them not only [...]


12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist | from Samuel Deuth

Writers aren’t just those who are good with words, but those called to give words to a generation! I love writing in all forms; from social media and blogs to articles and fully published [...]



Are you avoiding wars that you should be fighting? As I was reading my Bible reading plan (Life Journal Reading Plan), I came across an iconic story in 2 Samuel 11. It’s a sad story but [...]


5 Habits of Innovative Leaders

If you want to be a more effective leader, you have to become a more innovative leader. Along the journey of every team, business, or church you’re going to hit walls and barriers that will [...]


Crush the Complexity of Cowardice

Great blog on a culture of Simplicity by Dan Rockwell… aka Leadership Freak


Stop asking & Start asking…

Its less about asking how much you’re working and more about asking if what you’re doing is actually WORKING.