GROWTH > RETENTION | For Church Leaders

Growth is one of the main keys to retention. While retention helps to sustain growth, you’ll actually find that as you grow the people that God sends you, you’ll see them not only [...]


Preaching Forward Book Release!

  The preacher is the lighting rod of heaven! As a preacher of God’s word we’re called to bring His word to His people to see their lives transformed and conformed into the image [...]



Are you avoiding wars that you should be fighting? As I was reading my Bible reading plan (Life Journal Reading Plan), I came across an iconic story in 2 Samuel 11. It’s a sad story but [...]


3 Essentials to creating a discipleship Culture in Your Church

I’ve given my life to building and strengthening the church locally in my zip code and globally—and one of the key things all churches are focused on doing is strengthening their process of [...]


6 Steps To Writing a Sermon and Preaching a message

This article is for new or developing preachers and teachers of God’s word. Whether this is the first sermon you’re writing or you’ve been doing this for a while and want to fine tune your [...]


HOW DO YOU SEE THE CROWD? | For Church Leaders

One of the most common things that trips up a genuine church leader is the crowd. It’s not what the crowd does, but how we as Church Leaders [apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and [...]


Mission Drift | A Reminder For Pastors

Pastors, Recently the Holy Spirit highlighted the challenge of Mission Drift in local churches. Mission Drift is when we lose sight of the cause that drives us; the why behind the what. This can [...]


THE BEST OF 2015 | Top 10 Blogs

It’s been a great year, and before we say goodbye to 2015, I wanted to reflect quickly on THE BEST OF 2015. These are the posts that mattered the most to you! Help us get the word out to [...]

Announcing: Exciting Ministry Update — San Diego, here we come!

We’re excited to share with you about a new season of ministry that God is leading our family into! At about age 13, I began to sense the call into ministry; the wonderful call from Jesus to [...]


5 Habits of Innovative Leaders

If you want to be a more effective leader, you have to become a more innovative leader. Along the journey of every team, business, or church you’re going to hit walls and barriers that will [...]

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