How To Pray With Authority!

Are you praying with authority or with fear? Are you praying “from” strength or “from” a position of weakness? Most tend to pray passive and ineffective prayers, but we [...]


2016 Charity Spotlight

As we close out the year, many of us are stirred to dig deep and give towards organizations that are making a difference. First off, I encourage all charitable giving to be beyond the 10% tithe [...]


The Convenient  Gospel

If an individual is going to walk in the fullness of the good news of the gospel, they must be confronted with the full force of it’s truth. But, as pastors and church leaders we often [...]


Mission Drift | A Reminder For Pastors

Pastors, Recently the Holy Spirit highlighted the challenge of Mission Drift in local churches. Mission Drift is when we lose sight of the cause that drives us; the why behind the what. This can [...]


THE BEST OF 2015 | Top 10 Blogs

It’s been a great year, and before we say goodbye to 2015, I wanted to reflect quickly on THE BEST OF 2015. These are the posts that mattered the most to you! Help us get the word out to [...]



As we step into this new season of ministry, I’m passionate and humbled to preach the word God’s put in  my heart for The Church! As we began taking this big step, we’ve heard [...]

5 Next Steps After Your Call to Ministry

Congratulations, you feel called into Ministry, now what? I felt that call to ministry when I was 13 years old and now 23 years later I’ve been in full-time ministry and had the privilege [...]


Will the real Pastors please stand up!?

I want to challenge and encourage those currently leading God’s people as pastors or “shepherds”. And I also want to call out those men and women who are sitting on the [...]


CHURCH: Come Inside & See or Go Outside & Tell?

If the only way for people to see what God is doing in our local church is to come inside; something is wrong. I saw a church sign the other day that disturbed me. It said, “Come in and see [...]


What is God saying to you? | Young Guns Edition

As we wrapped up our 2013 Fall Quarter at Champions Centre College, I asked a few of our day interns to tell me what God has been saying to them and what God is currently challenged them on. I [...]