Are you sick of failure? Here’s 2 Quick things that will set you up to win in life!

Isn’t it frustrating when you feel like things just aren’t going your way? Or have you ever thought, what do I need to do to begin to turn things around from failure to success. And [...]


Constant Use

We live in an era right now where good and evil don’t always seems to be clear or obvious; how do we decide what’s right and wrong with so many different opinions flying around out there and many [...]


God's Word is LIGHT

Light – is the very first thing that the Words of God created in Genesis 1:3 when He said, “Let there be Light!” In the natural sense, sunlight is one of the most powerful and [...]



Faithfulness and commitment are at a premium in our generation. It seems like we’re afraid to commit to much of anything beyond a week or two. There is a general feeling that we don’t [...]


9 Ways to live an Unshakable life | via Psalm 15

I don’t know about you, but I want to live the kind of life that no matter the circumstances that come my way, I won’t be shaken and taken off course from God’s plan for my [...]


How to find Fulfillment & Promotion in your work | It's more about Who, than What.

Most of us have asked the question, “What am I supposed to be doing?”, at least once or possibly one million times! But I hope to encourage you through God’s word that [...]



I’m known for being positive and happy, but don’t assume that’s because everything in my life has been easy or everything always goes my way. I’m happy because of what and [...]


What's the focus of your 2014 Goals? : Two essential things to give your attention this year

As we close this year I wonder if you find yourself frustrated that you didn’t fulfill the goals you set at the start or feeling empty even through you did accomplish them? Either-way, [...]


4 Quick things you can do to finish 2013 strong!

For some of you reading this you may feel like your 2013 was incredible and some may feel like you missed the mark or messed up along the way and you find yourself at the end of the year with [...]


What is God saying to you? | Young Guns Edition

As we wrapped up our 2013 Fall Quarter at Champions Centre College, I asked a few of our day interns to tell me what God has been saying to them and what God is currently challenged them on. I [...]

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