12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist | from Samuel Deuth

Writers aren’t just those who are good with words, but those called to give words to a generation! I love writing in all forms; from social media and blogs to articles and fully published [...]


7 Character Tests Every Preacher Must Pass | From Preaching Forward Book

As a preacher, you’re called to be a steady blazing fire that guides people towards to the Gospel, but sadly many are more of a momentary flash in the night sky that impresses for a moment, [...]


Preaching Forward Book Release!

  The preacher is the lighting rod of heaven! As a preacher of God’s word we’re called to bring His word to His people to see their lives transformed and conformed into the image [...]

5 Next Steps After Your Call to Ministry

Congratulations, you feel called into Ministry, now what? I felt that call to ministry when I was 13 years old and now 23 years later I’ve been in full-time ministry and had the privilege [...]