Preaching For Results Not Likes | Preaching Forward

One of the traps that we can fall into is building our message around the audience liking or being impressed with what or how we’re preaching. In my book, Preaching Forward, I talk about [...]


12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist | from Samuel Deuth

Writers aren’t just those who are good with words, but those called to give words to a generation! I love writing in all forms; from social media and blogs to articles and fully published [...]


7 Character Tests Every Preacher Must Pass | From Preaching Forward Book

As a preacher, you’re called to be a steady blazing fire that guides people towards to the Gospel, but sadly many are more of a momentary flash in the night sky that impresses for a moment, [...]


Preaching Forward Book Release!

  The preacher is the lighting rod of heaven! As a preacher of God’s word we’re called to bring His word to His people to see their lives transformed and conformed into the image [...]

5 Next Steps After Your Call to Ministry

Congratulations, you feel called into Ministry, now what? I felt that call to ministry when I was 13 years old and now 23 years later I’ve been in full-time ministry and had the privilege [...]