God’s Not Distant In Your Desert!

In my Bible reading this morning, I was right in the story of God leading His people out of Egypt. I was “for sure” frustrated with how much they kept grumbling to Moses and God about there [...]


How To Create Online Community & Discipleship Without A Huge Budget & Large Staff!

Pastors!! I hope this article and resource can help you Make Disciples Online without the pressure of trying to start something from scratch, buy something expensive or hire more staff to manage! [...]


Learning To Hear The Voice Of God | Following Jesus Blog Series

One of the most important questions—and often the most common—is, “How do I hear God when He talks?” One of my favorite scriptures that give us a clue how to do this is found in 1 [...]


How To Pray With Authority!

Are you praying with authority or with fear? Are you praying “from” strength or “from” a position of weakness? Most tend to pray passive and ineffective prayers, but we [...]


Are you playing the Victim in life? {Most Are}

If we’re not intentional we can end up playing the role of a victim of our circumstances. Most of us don’t want to play the victim, but the truth is that we often settle for it. [...]


Constant Use

We live in an era right now where good and evil don’t always seems to be clear or obvious; how do we decide what’s right and wrong with so many different opinions flying around out there and many [...]



You are not an afterthought of heaven; you are the focus. Not sure if you connect with or reject that statement, but it’s the most amazing truth communicated over and over again throughout [...]


4 Ways to Keep Jesus at the center of Christmas Day:

If you are a Christian, I know that your heart is to keep Jesus at the center of you and your family’s celebrations. So here are 4 ways to keep the main thing the main thing. 1. Take time [...]


Grace, Truth, and Tolerance | 4 Truths about Tolerance

The society we live in is concerned with not hurting anyone’s feelings and being “Tolerant” towards every and any thought, belief, or action. Because of Christianity’s [...]


What's your "GoTo" under pressure? (Finding stability during unstable times)

We all go through moments or seasons of pressure, stress or difficulty. But those seasons don’t have to be something that takes you and I out of the game. It’s often sad to me to see [...]

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