Disagreement isn’t hate

I have several friends that I agree with on most issues, but around this election it has become clear that there are several points that we strongly disagree…. but the crazy thing is, we’re still friends.

Why? How?

Because disagreement isn’t hate.

The enemy has worked overtime to get this lie into the culture of America, that says, “if you disagree it means that you are hateful.” This is so false and it has two major negative effects on our nation.

FIRST, what it does is shut down societies ability to effectively solve major problems, like poverty and racism, because no one is free to express difference of opinion without being declared a hater.

Part of the greatness of America is that so many different people have been invited to the table to add their God-given strengths. Now, we’ve raised a generation that can’t be told their wrong or can’t be challenged without getting their feelings hurt. Am I saying we should be hateful and rude to each other? Of course not, but avoiding challenging conversations has been destructive. Have opinions, argue them, and at the end of the day let love and respect for each other cover differences until we reach unity.

SECOND, it hinders the freedom to share the gospel and overall truth of God’s word that America was founded on.

Now, make no mistake, the gospel and the Church will advance regardless of the culture, but Christians in America have allowed this spirit to come in that creates unnecessary challenge.

You see, the biggest issue with not being able to share difference of opinions is that we cannot share our Christian faith without being labeled as a hater. Because, while Christianity is the most inclusive faith it’s also the most exclusive, because there is only one way to Heaven which is through following Jesus. The devil wants an America that shuts down our ability to freely share the gospel. Sadly, we have allowed this to happen. We now have an atmosphere that allows the titanic to head toward an iceberg but no one is allowed to tell anyone to turn around.

If you’re an American, continue to challenge the ideology that shuts down our freedom to express difference of opinions. Bring your opinions to the table but with honor and respect for everyone at the table.

speaking the truth in love —Ephesians 4:15

And, if you’re a Christian, pray for continued freedom to share the gospel in this great nation, but even more, pray for a bold Church that will continue to spread the gospel regardless of the laws. As for me, I’d rather be in prison than be silent about our Savior.

I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out. —Matthew 16:18

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