Encountering Jesus should produce movement | A manifesto about THE CHAPEL

theChapel_March10_2014_ChadVeach-insta7 This monday night, we’ve called for a gathering of this generation to worship God and hear a word from God; we’re calling it THE CHAPEL. Our Champions Centre team will be leading worship and our guest speaker is Chad Veach. With any gathering, we must ask why and for what purpose do we gather.

What I desperately do not want is to gather just to fill up another spot on our already overly busy calendars. I fully do not want to gather overly saturated Christians just for another feel good session. I do not want to sings songs of impact but not be living lives of impact. I want this to be different…

We want to call people to a time of desperately seeking Jesus that empowers us to radically do His will.

We want to do more than gather; we want to act! What I love about this generation is it’s passion and it’s rejection of previous passive norms. I love the unique compassion and desire to act on that passion. I love the call and potential that is on this generation.

There is gifting in you that is not optional but essential to God’s purpose in your generation.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 the verse begins with these three words, “IF MY PEOPLE”. It’s as if God is painting a scenario and dreaming and declaring what could be and what might happen if his people would do something about what they see. And today, I wonder what could happen IF THIS GENERATION…

  • What if this generation did what God put in their hearts to do?
  • What if we cared less about our comfort and more about His purpose?
  • What if we weren’t just about personal edification but community transformation?
  • What if we cared less about what we get and more about what we give?
  • What if our gift was more about helping others rather than ourselves?
  • What if we decided that the pursuit of personal success would take a back seat to building the kingdom of God?
  • What if we stopped assuming God only uses the talented people and started being faithful with what He gave us?

If these questions resonates with you and if your heart is stirred like mine, I hope you gather with us this March 10th, and I pray that THE CHAPEL becomes a launching pad for action and movement. This is not a time for passive Christianity, this is not a time to sit back, this is a time for Christians to reach out to God with humility so we can reach the world with the Hope of Jesus.

I believe that Encountering Jesus should produce movement. Like my friend Kent Munsey always says, “The Touch of God is for the Task of God.” And this Monday March 10, I pray that we would all reach out and connect with God in a new way, and when we do, I pray our hearts are open and receptive to God’s clear and definite call to do something with what we’ve been given.

As I close this “Manifesto”, I imagine, “what if?”. What if men and women from every social and racial background gather in unity to lift up and honor the name of Jesus in unrestrained passion? And what if those who gathered laid down personal agendas and committed their lives to the purposes of God?…Well, If that happens, we could change the world… and I believe we will!

See you at #TheChapel


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