God is Faithful.

I wanted to encourage and remind you this morning that God is Faithful. But unlike you and me, God isn’t “trying to be faithful”, but God IS FAITHFUL. It’s at the very core of his existence. He cannot betray his faithfulness or neglect His words.

You may already know this but remember that your circumstances good or bad do not change the fact that God is faithful. We cannot always see what God is doing behind the scenes. We also live in a world where sin and freewill are present. God is sometimes known to calm your storm, but He’s always been known to be with you through the storm. Trust God and stay faithful.

Also I wanted to remind you that God is faithful to His word. Not only the written Bible which we know to be true and eternal. But also when the Holy Spirit speaks something to you that is inline with God’s word; you can be confident that it will happen either in your lifetime or in the future. If God said it, He will do it. Be faithful and don’t quit!

God is faithful and our responsibility is to TRUST THIS FAITHFUL GOD.

I read a great book this week by Tammy Severson (one of my cousins) called JUST TRUST ME. Good read and it will stir a new level of confidence and trust in God. Check it out.


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