MEN, want to find that perfect Godly woman and get married?

First off, marriage is one of the most incredible gifts God has given to us. My amazing wife Katie and I have been married 14 years. Like all great and lasting marriages, we’ve had our share of great seasons and seasons of going through the motions. But when you find the right woman, and commit to each other and commit to working on the strength of your marriage, it will bring an unreal amount of joy and fulfillment to your life! I’m going to get into some advice for how to get that Godly woman, but first I have to share this verse from the Bible! It perfectly echos my heart about marriage as the day my heart rejoiced!

“Look on King Solomon wearing a crown, the crown with which his mother crowned him on the day of his wedding, the day his heart rejoiced.” —Song of Solomon 3:11

Here’s a little advice to get the woman of your dreams:

  1. Make God your primary pursuit. (A woman of God is attracted to a strong man of God)
  2. Identify the vision God has given you and go after that. (High quality women are attracted to men with drive… they want to know where this train will take them if they jump on)
  3. Honor and respect all women. If you’re going to cherish one woman someday we have to start today by giving all women the respect and value they deserve. So, no “whistling/hollerin’ at women” and say no to the quick fix of pornography and one night stands.
  4. Now that you’ve done the above—GO AFTER THE WOMAN YOU WANT!!!! Stop waiting around for a girl to drop in your lap (actually don’t let any girl drop in your lap until you’re married to her 😂) Too many Christian men are passively waiting around for a girl… get bold, step up and connect with the woman you are attracted to! Of course I’m not talking about stalking a girl that has obviously said NO! Move on from that, but I am saying go decisively after woman you want!

And like sister Beyoncé says: if you like it….put a ring on it!

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