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One of the traps that we can fall into is building our message around the audience liking or being impressed with what or how we’re preaching.

In my book, Preaching Forward, I talk about this concept of preaching in a way that moves the church forward. This is key because we need to see our role as preachers and teachings of the word of God as a key part of God’s way that he develops and matures His church and moves his collective church forward in his will.

Colossians 1:28-29 (NIV) He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.

If I preach without the big picture in mind of a goal I’m taking the audience towards, then I’ll be left to just focus on and think about my small and one time message; and my focus will mainly be on hoping that I do a good job so that they will approve of and celebrate and maybe even tag me in a post about it on instagram.

But, when I preach with the mindset of results then I’ll prepare and deliver my message in a way that’s more productive and helpful to help individuals and the collective church move forward. If I was to get in the car and then invite you to jump in the car with me, one of the first things you’re going to ask is, “Where are you going?” How you answer that question will determine who will be willing to jump into the vehicle with you It can also be frustrating if you told someone to get in the car with you and told them that you were going to the mall but you actually drove them to the local school.

So, what is the result that you want to take people towards during your preaching? Well, as you’d imagine there are so many things that could be the focus of your message, so that could be hard to nail down, but the key is that you’re focusing on results. The goal isn’t to entertain, but to help.

Results look like anything that’s helping people exchange the worlds way for God’s way.

  • Passion: A key result I’m looking for is that when people are done listening to me that they are drawn closer to Jesus.
  • Devotion: Are people being called and compelled to leave their old way of sin and commit to a life of following Jesus.
  • Relationally: Learning to forgive others quicker and speak life and encouragement.
  • Wisdom: Results are seen in new choice that align with God’s word.
  • Mission Minded: Let’s work to raising up believers who share their faith.
  • Generosity: When the gospel engages people, generosity in all areas is a result. How generous financially is your church?
  • Serving: If the greatest must first serve, then a key result is to creating a desire and culture of serving in God’s people.
  • Marriage & Parenting: Seeing marriages restored, seeing parents raising Godly children are great results.
  • Supernatural: Each time you preach, there doesn’t have to be a massive outbreak of miracles, but I’d encourage you to start expecting more. God’s word is powerful and releases faith into peoples hearts to believe for the impossible! Preach and then demonstrate!
  • Authority: A big result of healthy discipleship is believers taking greater authority in prayer.
  • Faith: One of my favorite things to preach is faith and to stir the congregations faith to believe for all that God has spoken and promised!

I’d love to hear more from you on what results you focus on and how you’re getting that done? Comment below or reach out on my personal or Preaching Forward social media. Also, for more training and coaching we also have an e-course called, Preaching Essentials: And other great preaching videos on our youtube channel:


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