The Power Of Serving | Danah’s Story | Following Jesus Book

Let me tell you a story!! After writing the Following Jesus book, our heart was to translate it to as many languages as we could, beginning with Spanish. I asked Pastor Jurgen, if he had any contacts, he said, “contact with our south campus pastors, Drew & Emma Davies… they said, “who know just the right person” and they directed me to this incredible woman, Danah, a volunteer at our C3 San Diego South Campus.

Danah’s degree and occupation exactly made her an expert to translate the book. As we talked, I found out Her mom had just come to Christ and Danah was already thinking about translating it to Spanish for her, so together we set out to translate this for “mom”.

Danah, fully offered her professional skills free of charge for this work, feeling it was more of a calling. It was a flawless translation and we put it to work right away in a few Spanish speaking churches around the USA.

Little did we know that a short while later, my friends Dominic Russo & Jedidiah Thurner at MissionsMe would need a Spanish discipleship resource to serve Nicaragua. Together with #1nation1day and so many who donated, we distributed over 100,000 Spanish Following Jesus books to disciple those who responded to Christ during the 1 Nation 1 Day event this year in Nicaragua!!! Praise Jesus for the privilege to serve in that way!!

(here is the highlight video from the event that the books were used at)

Amazing the impact you can have when you make your gift available to be used by God!!

Danah!! You’re a legend and your work is impacting the entire nation of Nicaragua and that’s just the start!!! Thank you!!!

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